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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Still knitting socks

First, I needed to post a little yarn porn. (I bet that phrase messes with the search engines). This is the yummy yarn I bought at the Mannings last weekend. I'm debating on whether I want to pair it with a black yarn or a cream yarn for the socks. Opinions anyone?

I also found out that the company, Wool in the Woods, that made this yarn is based in Bigglerville, PA (just up the road from me, right near where they have the Apple Festival and the South Mountain Fair). How cool is that? For those who don't live in my backyard, their website lists all the retailers they sell through and by the looks of it, they sell all over the country.

I've been busy with my second sock. I finished the cuff last night and it looks much better than the cuff on the first sock. During Medium, I did the heel flap (twice because I messed it up the first time) and turned the heel. Today I plan to do the cuss-it gusset (in my opinion the hardest part of a sock.) and start the foot. I'm itching to play with the Kroy yarn, but I won't start another pair of socks until I finish one. It's forced monogamy in knitting, but I know with my attention span I would end up with 50 pairs of single socks and no mates.
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  • At 3:50:00 PM, Anonymous pjlaws

    YARN PORN? I love it!! and definitely black. I think that that would just frame these wonderful colors.