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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Meet MarisolRosa

MarisolRosa is the second baggie doll I've done for the Goddess Dolls group. She sits about 12 inches tall (from where she sits to the top of her head, I didn't measure body length). In her hands she holds a shell that is like a mini-aquarium filled with shells and fish. Like all dolls, she was a bit of a challenge. Originally I made a polymer clay face cab for her, but once she was together , I didn't like the cab on her. So, she had head reconstruction surgery and I drew on a face. Getting her to sit on her own was achieved by several tummy tucks. This girl has had more plastic surgery than Cher. I love her hair, it's 100% angora rabbit yarn garnished with various fibers. The angora makes it light and floaty, it almost has the effect of floating in the water. The shell was from a box of shells I collected on Sanibel Island in Florida about 15 years ago. It was a nicely colored shell with barnacle on the inside. I coated it with glitter modgepodge and fastened in the glass fish beads, shell beads, and shells.

I would like to thank Rosa for the challenge. This was the first time I made a mermaid from this pattern and designing the tail to look right was interesting. She was a delight to make and I hope she delights you.
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