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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm a blooming idiot, no-that's not right. I'm the creator of blooming flower! Yes that's it. For those of you who agree with the first statement, I stick my tongue out at you. :P

I've been on this kick lately where I've been making crocheted flowers. Yep, the kind you see everywhere at high prices. I've decided to make a few to sell. Unlike the fancy department store flowers, mine are made without the use of labor from some other country (I'm growing flowers the American way) and are strictly quality controlled. I also do custom order flowers. I have a few listed on Etsy and some on the Earth Moon & Stars site. My favorite so far is the Zinnia bracelet up top. I tried it on to photograph it and it is just so soft and fun. I think I may make myself one.

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