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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Song Swap ATC #4

The song for this ATC combines two of my favorite things--bellydance and Sting. The song is Desert Rose. I sat and listened to this song and while the song played I made a sketch of how I wanted the ATC to look. Then I went and created what I sketched with Paint Shop Pro. The main image is the combination of three images that helped create the dancer in the oasis look that I sketched. After I printed the image and affixed it to the baseball card I was using for a base, I glued sand to the dunes. Everything was coated with a gloss coat and then I added a glitter coat to the sand. The coin glued to the card on the left side are coins from belly dance costumes.

I love to belly dance and even though I don't take lessons anymore and don't perform anymore I still love to dance when no one is around. It's not only good for the body, it's good for the soul. I took dance lessons for 3 years and loved it for the most part. I love doing veil work (who doesn't love twirling around with a sheer piece of fabric) and cane work (the cane work I learned was all flirty and fun.) I think most of all, I liked belly dance because it made me feel graceful and beautiful.
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