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Saturday, October 21, 2006
Girl's Day Out

Yesterday was a day off school for Princess. She had a ball helping me run errands. First was our promised lunch at McDonald's. I can't figure out why, but she's addicted to McDonald's chicken nuggets.

After lunch we ran over to Columbia for our last visit to Sunshine Corners Gallery. The owner is having her third child and wants to focus more on family. Needless to say, that means the Gallery is closing. We had a wonderful year and a half there and will miss the place.

Did you know that there are no roadside stands open on Rt. 462 between Wrightsville and York on a Thursday? I was hoping to buy some local apples. I guess I'll have to pick them up at our usual roadside stand tomorrow. I love buying produce from roadside stands. Not only does it seem to taste better, but it's just fun.

Of course, no trip in the afternoon would be complete without a stop at Starbucks! A girl needs her caffine, and a Princess needs a potty break. Princess just loves coffee houses. I think she almost loves them more than me. She places her order and finds a comfortable seat to lounge in. Princess never just sits in a chair, she does this sprawled out lounge. I got some caffine and some sock knitting time in and Princess watched a bacgammon game. Princess even posed with my latest sock.

Then our day ended with some chocolate. What can I say, I love dark chocolate raspberry truffles almost as much as I love coffee. I have learned to limit my chocolate intake. It's just no good for the wasteline, dispite all the health benifits of dark chocolate.

It's my hope that as Princess grows older, she'll remember our road trips fondly. I don't believe in doing things with your kids, just to say you did them. I believe in making memories with your kids. They will need fun stories to tell their children someday. Life and childhood are too short to just do things, life should be lived memorably.
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