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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Moving Along at the Speed of Snail Snot
My trusty computer Speedy has had a nervous breakdown. My loving hubby hooked me up with my old computer which is now names Snail Snot (actually, I think Snail Snot may move faster). Hopefully Speedy will feel better soon.

Doesn't it just figure, I find my camera cord and Speedy goes wonky. I have had plenty of time to work on stuff now that I"m only online long enough to check email. I finished my first Vineyard Sock, cast on the second, finished 2 wrapped dolls (Maggie and Noel), and planted my front flower bed. I've been a busy girl. I"ll have to share pics as soon as Speedy gets better or I can buy a new puter.
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  • At 2:26:00 AM, Blogger Dorothy

    Hope you managed to get Speedy fixed. Snail mail should be on paper, not computer screen!