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Monday, September 11, 2006
And Then Life Goes Absurd
Ok. When we last talked, I told you all about the group of Larry the Cable Guy clones (henceforth refered to as the Larrys) that were doing work for the resturant next door. Well, the Larrys managed to take out another tree besides the magnolia. They downed a stately silver maple that shaded my carport. The area where the trees were has been paved, two stately trees provided 3 additional parking spaces that will only be used two or three times a year. On Friday, the Larrys had to share their job with professional tree removers who removed the Silver maple on the other side of the parking lot entrance. I don't know what this resturant owner has against trees. Well, the Larrys are still out back working, today they are laying mulch on the hill.

Yesterday, the family made its trip to the York Interstate Fair. I can only handle one day a year of the fair, unlike when I was a teen and would spend lots of time there. We ate lots of fair food (I have a weakness for sausage sandwiches and cotton candy), checked out the agriculture building (Princess loves the working beehive at the honey display and the giant vegetables), the crafts building (some year I really do need to enter some of my work), petted the animals in the animal barn, and let Princess ride a few rides (she rode the Wild Mouse which is the new Roller coaster at the fair this year, she's such a daredevil for her age). Daddy took Princess out to ride for a little while I sat in the crafts building and knitted for a little. I while knitting I was asked 3 times if I worked there, had several people come up and watch me work, and had lots of old guys flirt with me. What is it with men over 70 that they want to flirt with anyone holding knitting needles? We had a wonderful day and all of us got a little too much sun.

Now for the absurd part of my life, I now have a black and white woodpecker that has taken up drum solos on the side of the house. It's nothing like working on the computer and hearing this hammering on the wall next to you. He's a cute little guy who doesn't want his picture taken.
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