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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Knitting Busy

I've been busy lately. I joined Socktober Fest. It seemed logical to me. I'm busy knitting my latest socks and I plan to start my daughter's Christmas socks tomorrow. Princess has been pestering me for a pair of handknit socks for a while (when Mommy makes something for herself, Princess feels she needs one made for her), so I decided to give her a pair of socks for Christmas. The other weeks we were cruising the Knitpicks site and she fell in love with this yarn called Geranium. It's 100% merino wool sock yarn. It is so yummy and soft, not to mention very pink. I just need to cast on and knit when she's not here.

I've been cleaning out my yarn stash lately. I bought 2 purple bins and I'm busy sorting my yarn into a bin of natural fibers and a bin of unnatural fibers (I mean man-made fibers). I plan to take the small balls and crochet a rug with them (something oval and colorful for the living room).
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