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Saturday, September 30, 2006
Meet Maggie
Maggie is a tree spirit memorial doll. She is mourning the beautiful magnolia tree that up until a few weeks ago stood next to my driveway. Maggie is named after the nickname we gave the magnolia tree.

She was made for the GoddessDolls Wrapped Doll Challange. Her base is two twigs off of the maple tree in my front yard. The twigs were wrapped first in cotton batting and then strips cut from a lambwool and angora sweater. I had planned on unwinding the sweater for the yarn, but it's felted in places and won't unravel, so I'm using cut parts of it for various projects. I thin wrapped her body with gold thread to give her a little sparkle.

After I wrapped the twigs I began searching for a face. I looked at buttons, cameos, beads, and my polymer faces. After much debate, I decided on a polymer face I made several months ago. It's a gold and tan face from a mold wrapped in thin clay. I added silver ink highlights on it to give her an etherial look.

The leaves for her hair were cut from green velvet fabric and sewn into place I then finished her hair with green leaf sequins. I wanted her to look like a tree in it's prime. Her body was them wrapped in a swirl of green leaf sequins and brown & green glass beads. Around her base are leaf sequins and bead fringe that ends in green/brown glass beads and leaf sequins. I added additional beads on her body including a decorative bead bra. She is signed on her back and has a hanger to hang on the wall.

I'm really pleased with her. I think she looks very beautiful. I'm thinking of using her in a wrapped doll swap I belong to.
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