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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
What I did with the past weekend...
Meet Iona. Iona is my husband's new used car. Isn't she pretty. She's very comfortable and the inside looks like a shuttle craft. We are now a Saturn family. I've only driven her once and she drives like a dream. The picture is of the sales man, Larry Snyder, giving my hubby the keys to the car. By the way, if you go to Jack Giambalvo on Industrial Highway in York for a car, ask for Larry Snyder and tell him Mr. & Mrs. Wittmann sent you. Honest, I was inpressed with how well he helped us get a nice car.

What else did I do this weekend, other than car shopping? I crocheted Princess a pair of slippers. They are crocheted from Caron Simply Soft Quick yarn on a size J hook. I like the way the slippers turned out, Princess loves them. But the yarn sucked. It was a pain to crochet with. It might also have to do with the fact that I'm not a chunky yarn type of person. In their defence, the socks were done in about 2 hours. The left foot was started before Dr. Who came on and was finished by the time the Tarsis vanished at the end. The right one was whipped up on Saturday afternoon.

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