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Thursday, November 30, 2006
I learned a new skill
Just what I need, another skill. For a while I've wanted to learn how to do wire crochet. So the other week I purchased some 34 gauge wire and crocheted myself a bracelet. This bracelet looks so pretty in real life. It's just a simple inch + wide band of wire and beads. I'm really impressed with it. It is a fantastic piece. One for the Jewelry collection.

I've been a little busy lately. I never realized how much candy people in York County eat for the holidays. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, I like working. But the amounts are staggering. Now that I'm hooked on top quality dark chocolate, I can't imagine why anyone would want to eat anything else.

I'm almost finished with my holiday knitting. I have everyone finished by the Princess and the cats.

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  • At 1:36:00 PM, Blogger ~Tonia~

    The bracelet looks really neat. You need to take a picture of it on your wrist. :)

    I couldn't imagine working in a store that sold fine chocolates. I would gain 100's of pounds. LOL