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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Lookie I finishes a Sock!
Soctoberfest is over and I'm ready to tally the damages. Let's see. I finished the Wine and Needles socks at the beginning of the month (I've also worn them about a thousand times, they are very comfy.) I crocheted Princess a pair of ballet slippers to wear around the house (I think the monster under her bed ate them because I haven't seen them in a while). I cast on and finished one of the Pansy socks and cast on the other. I also worked on Princess' Christmas present. I did a lot of socky stuff this month. Yeah me!

What other yarn-type damage did I do in October? I sorted my yarn in an natural fiber bin and an unnatural fiber bin. I wouldn't want the zombie yarn eating the wool. I finished a lot of Christmas knitting (details after the holidays). And I managed two squares on Princess' rug. Yeah me!

My goals for November include finish the holiday knitting by Thanksgiving, finish Princess' rug, and finish the Pansy socks. I am motivated (talk to me by the end of the month).

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