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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Freeing Yarn
I love recycling yarn. I love taking an ugly sweater and freeing the beautiful yarn trapped inside it. These are sweaters that others don't want and the yarn is perfect for other projects. I'm a regular at my local Thrift Shop; half off days are shoppers heaven for me. I admit it, I'm a needlewoman on a budget (a very tight budget) and reclaiming the yarn from sweaters allows me to work with fibers that I wouldn't normally get to work with. I have quite a stash of reclaimed fiber that I make lots of beautiful things out of. The sweater in a above picture is a men's wool sweater from American Outfiters. It's a lovely, bulky wool that just called to me. I don't know what I plan to do with the yarn yet, but as you can see I have lots to play with. I'm thinking a scarf and mittens and maybe a purse. Not bad for a $2.o0 sweater.

Work is going well. I love selling candy. I swear, adults get more excited about buying candy than kids. Kids will at least wait until they walk away before they open the package and start noshing. It's just cool watching people walking away carrying their purchases (be it fine, handmade chocolates or a little bag of gummy brains) like they are carrying a hard won prize. In addition to fine chocolates (let me tell you the dark chocolate is mighty fine), I sell a lot of retro type candies. All those sweet treats from my childhood are being made again. Yeah! Now all the holiday candies are coming in. The temptations of gumdrops.

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  • At 4:02:00 PM, Blogger Dorothy

    I remember going to the candy store as a child (Gertie's) with fifty cents in my hot little hand and standing there staring at all the candy wondering which ones to get so I could have something cool (ringpops were a favourite) and have it last for a long time too.

    I like recycling yarn too. So much fun.